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In the black-eyed fever
Of the jagged night
Spurned by the moon
Stabbed by the light,
Too twisted to think
Too ragged to sleep
Too far gone
To mend myself;

In the dead vacuum,
So cleverly betrayed
I make vain excuses
Rail against life,
In the razor dark
On my sweat-soaked bed

I watch my one last hope
Slither out of sight.

Winter Fever

Through my window
I look out,
Like one of the dead;

In the winter fever,
Such a mad profusion
Of pinwheel flakes,
Confetti the air,
Like milkweed fluff,
Cascade and crash
On glass and stone;

Ideas wildly inflamed,
Roar through my brain,
Drown my hollow hopes;

Lost in the mad whirl
Of the senseless snow,
I can find no escape,
From my swirling senses;

My foolish thoughts,
Without sound
In the silent night.

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