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poems of hope

When gravity
Finally splits and crumbles
And the earth
Falls back into the stars,
When all our desperate dreams
Have sunk back down
Into the muck,
And our laughter and pain
In ice cold rock,
The moment will come
Deep within
The unimagined twists and whirls
Of space and time
When we recrystalize,
Unfettered by
The crawling speed of light.

loss and hope

life is
a worthless bag of shit
the disconsolate dreamer
privately muttered
to the cockroach
traipsing across the filthy floor,
then loudly cursed
for all the world to hear
when an accidental wobble
of the mug in his grip
lost him several drops
of his precious beer.

From deep within the inky ooze it now begins to squirm and rise,
Its deadly, pin black eyes firmly locked onto its bit of fleshy prize;
The swallowed sun, like a useless stone, lies cold inside its gut,
An empty hole left behind--no stars, no sky, all dimensions shut;

Too soon, my brain will be a cavern as dark as a winter's night,
Into which nothing more will penetrate, not a single sliver of light.

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