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Jolted from sleep,
I snarl at the clock,
Without zeal
Face the shock
Of the dull-lit day:

Hair meets comb,
Teeth find brush,
Nose blown clear,
Toilet to flush;

For a second
Or maybe two,
I stand in rapture,
Mournfully watch
Last night's
Filet mignon
Struggle against,
Being sucked away;

No time to fuss,
The wrinkled shirt
And coffee stain
Would have to do,
I'm in a rush;
I yank up my fly,
A hair gets caught,
Let out a cuss;

Invisibly shackled
To this runway,
This treadmill
Of time,
One realization
Repeatedly dawns,
On me:

My sole ambition,
My one great mission--
To run like the devil
So I can catch
The goddamn bus;

Oh, how the murder of every little second stabs my mind--
And not a soul to punish for this filthy, unspeakable crime.

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