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poems of death

Precariously balanced
On slender threads
Of meaning and hope,
We restlessly
From one moment
Into the next,
Like a spider spinning
Its clever web;

Here, on this blue speck
Tickled by the raging sun,
We ceaselessly invent
And reinvent ourselves,
Weaving comforting dreams
From the silk of failure;

With a semblance of logic
We proclaim our freedom,
Demand our just rewards;
We love
We squander
We hate--
We immortalize
The dead;
Though mere fledglings
In the eye
Of the cockroach,
In the quaking shadow
Of Tyrannosaurus Rex,
We revel in our youthful folly,
And project ourselves
Toward the farthest stars;

Impelled by some strange immutable force,
We plan, we build,
We defy astronomical odds--
While slowly from the unimagined distance
The final darkness

dark poems of death

In the brief pulse of our existence,
Loyal to the blind belief
That nothing ultimately matters
Except those precious gems
That cannot be hoarded
Or sold,
Or eroded by time,
We utter cherished noises
From within the boundless prison
Of our conscious spheres,
Desperately hoping
To bridge the unbridgeable gap;

But all too soon,
Only shards of laughter
And bits of crumpled dreams
Are left behind,
Swirling briefly in our wake,
As we sink back down
And vanish
In the deepest regions
Of this strange
And wondrous
That gave

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