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A young girl bleeding from the core,
Lying still like a crumpled shadow,
Heart opened by an innocent blade--
A glazed terror frozen on her face;

Well, what can I say, it just happened,
The lout, chewing gum, blankly said;
I touched her, she started to laugh,
Something in me must have snapped.

A young girl broken at the center,
Found lying wrapped in her blood;
Will I never see the daylight again,
She'd asked, as the knife came in.

Merely a mistake, I swear to God,
She come on to me, and well, then,
The punk with the lisp coolly said,
For a spit second, I lost my head.

A young girl, so defiled to the bone,
Tossed away like a dirty old sock,
What kind of world have we made
In which good feeds so much rot?

Just an accident, sir, nothing more,
I meant no harm, but she screamed,
The kid with the tattoo calmly said,
And next thing I knowed, I seen red.

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