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Poems about alienation and death are listed on the index of poems

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Your Smile

Your smile
Is like
A yellow lemon
That melts
The frozen mountain

Into the Blue

If only the sun
Were my sail
To lift me up
Into the blue,
Far, far away
This painful sea
Of frozen laughter.

Sunset Fever

Now she softly settles in like twilight,
To cool the sunset fever of my mind.

Spring Melt

As the April sun caresses the earth,
Our pain and despair melt like snow.

A Dream of Love

Eyes filled with wonder,
Yet so forlorn,
Our brittle lives washed with tears,
Here, where the fireweed takes root,
In the new grass,
Our love was born;

Our bodies naked, our flaws unfurled,
Entwined by hopes
That knew no bounds,
We drifted
Deep and far
From the blemished world,
That kept alive our childhood fears.

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