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poems of struggle
On this precarious raft
We blind voyagers
Are swung like fools
Around the sun
The vanishing point.

Half the world's asleep now,
He thought,
In Van Gogh's whorl
The sky's black
Swallowing all vanity
Pulling everything
All order and memory
Back into itself;

Yesterday will
Never be
More than what we dreamt--
Ever evolving toward
The center
We cannot touch--

He remembered
The swallowtail
He had caught in his net,
As a child,
The bright yellow wings
Desperately flexing
In his sweating clutch
The pulsing of desire
The scales rubbing off
Like dandruff
Even then he knew
As the body convulsed,
And yet denied,
Beauty and love
Will not survive
Inside a jar;

And now--

What protest can alter
What time has wrought?

Her smell fading
From the silken scarf
The pillow
The collection of
Birthday cards
She kept in a drawer--

Forever expelled from
The past
And yet
Bound like a slave
To what is not.

He lifted
his glass of absinthe
To numb
the deep interrogation
Of the iron-hearted
Like a hostage
For dawn's
Pale sliver
To release his thoughts--

poems of love
When joy is
And all
Is vain,
Without grudge,
I will
Give myself
To that selfless
From which we came,
And become
Of what
We mortals mostly are;

It has no want of room
And will not judge,
In its deep, dark womb,
I will rejoin
The immortal memories
Of our ancestral past;

Do not despair
Or find me wrong,
Or doubt
Our bond,
My love,
For I will be
As near
As always was--

If one of us
Can see the stars,
As the poets have said,
We others,
Will never be lost.

poems of struggle
Let me rain hard on the ocean
Spill apart like evening's gold
Flower from the roots of time--
Taste moon on the lips of night.
Let the green salt fever rush
Through my tattered, ruined soul
The stars cure all hope--
Let me rain hard on the ocean.

Let me melt away with the snow
Summersault down mossy rocks
Resurrect as cloud and tree--
On swift wings greet my doom.
Let the blue mountains swell
Inside my atom throbbing bones
The wind make me a fool--
Let me melt away with the snow.

I dream of dreaming like the sun
Roaring timeless in Hell's Gate,
Let me melt away with the snow.
My thoughts swim like Chimera
But my body withholds consent,
Let me rain hard on the ocean.

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