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poems of struggle
And like a physician's needle
It cleanly breaks
Through winter's white skin
Penetrates quick and deep--
Shock of leaf
And hope again
Awakening in its cradle--

With blue-dazzled charm
It whispers into summer's
Hungry ear
While its thin hand slides
Quietly under
Choking black the rose--

Yes, this monster mocks
Even death--
Atoms that once were us
Still spurred to dance
Long after our unwanted
Injection of sleep.

And yet again and again
We succumb
To its seductive spell--
For what pearl of trust
Or love's smallest gem
Could ever grow
In a world without flux?

poems of struggle
I have skillfully dismembered
Every bud, every atom twitch
The breath inside the gene--
Drilling down
Even deeper--
My hope like a rotting fruit--

Once, in a wild mind warp
My swelling flesh still new
Light leapt from the Sun's beastly soul
Swam deep into my roots.

poems of humanity
Start unwinding:

On this fanged, blunt-snouted eve,
The laurel wilting,
A spoonful of blinding
Sun is
All the rage,
Mixed with blood red

Gorge on the warm slippery
Of dangling words--letting
Them evaporate in your head.

The experience is
Cut it finer and you lose it.
The mantra:
Square is round--
The wheel is dead.

Sweet as honey,
Slurp it down with a great big
Simple logic:
What goes in, must come out--
Help yourself,
There's plenty more.

Don't worry--
Much too shallow in the trough
To drown--

Unspool it by the foot,
Unspool it by the yard--

Oh great Mother Hen,
I've only slightly fingered
Your fresh laid omelet
On this page;

Accept my apologies
For any filthy sequiturs
That slipped in--
A corruption of mind
I strive to overcome.

The title: sans conceit--
A bit of random fluff.

Sharp scissors please!


poems of love
In this velvet flutter
Of an almost perfect night,
Our dreaming bodies
As close as
Bodies can get,
I feel parts of you
Unfolding in my head:
The kaleidoscope of sunsets
And sunrises
In your naked eyes,
The scintillations of raw desire,
The purple and gold
Of a wide open heart,
The familiar face
Moment to moment
I lose
And find;

And all the while
The shameless taunt,
Kept secure,
Of wanting too much,
The turning away
From what should matter,
Toward the bits
That never quite

Our dreaming bodies
As close as
Bodies can get,
This should be enough--

If I were a little more
Like you--
I would have less
To hide
And more to confess
This small thought,
Like a pebble pressing inside a shoe,
Could be dislodged:

Our elusive souls like distant galaxies
No more than specks of imagined light.

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