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dark love poetry

Stricken, overcome,
I lay myself down like a lamb,
On your skin of igneous rock;

Unsated, inflamed,
I dispense poignant promises,
Shifting like a kaleidoscope;

Obsessed, demonized,
I embrace my unredeeming fate,
Clinging to what I cannot have;

Enraptured, mesmerized,
I skewer myself on your heart,
Such a lovely, painful thorn;

Intoxicated, possessed,
I insist on losing even more,
Though nothing real of me is left;

Desperate, maddened,
I covet the kiss of your healing blade,
I sacrifice myself like a dog.


With every single breath that we take,
fragments of ourselves
inexorably slip
from our grasp
into an abyss,
like sand
very end
of our travels,
when the grains
of our spent lives
have settled on the bottom,
will the universe turn itself upside down,
will our tomorrows commence once again?

poems of humanity
Take my word
Anything's possible
Discovering cures
For the deadly diseases
Cigarettes good for the lungs
Amusement parks on Mars
Condominiums with a view
On the Moon
You're free to do what you want
Build computers and skyscrapers
Have sex in the Oval Office
As long as you don't go too far
You got the right to protect yourself
A handgun for every grownup
And every kid in school
Every human life sacred
If you kill for no good reason
You'll fry in the chair
Liberty and justice for all
Even the bums in the street
You can make a million overnight
Heal yourself with antidepressants
Gamble and go to strip joints
Get daily salvation on TV
Yeah, and pretty soon we'll be
Winning the war on drugs
And poverty and crime
And the war against evil
And every other damn thing
Fixing this backward
Screwed up planet
Whatever the cost
To make this world better
--And then, pal--
Once we're done "shoving"
American pie down your throat
You'll come around
You'll see
We was dead right all along--
Anything's possible
In America

poems of humanity

To my esteemed readers of all faiths, cultures and nationalities:

A recent survey found that about 50% of Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Although some may have forgotten, and others may never have been told, the Vatican capitulated to the heliocentric view centuries ago, and for the most part, so did the rest of the modern world. But perhaps one should not be too surprised by these statistics: the unquestioned assumption that the view through one's kitchen window is the view the rest of world should adopt is as American as the expectation of turkey with cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. Indeed, one could argue that many of America's achievements have been born out of this egocentric orientation. The character of any nation, whether great or small, is the sum of the character of its people, and like its people, it is built out of contradiction. The transcendent principle "anything is possible" is at the fulcrum of the great American way of life, with the antipodal influences of fearless trailblazing and irresistible attraction to invention on the one end, and gun-slinging claims to moral ascendancy and fervent subservience to black/white dichotomies on the other, shaping America's salient course through history and patterning its relationship with the rest of the world. America came to the rescue of the world once and the world was thankful. But world peace is still a long way off. Whether America can fulfill its greatest promise, still remains to be seen.

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