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Poetry of love and death

Poems of love, death, hope, desire, obsession and alienation

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poem of love
Thoughts flicker
In my mind
Like faint stars.

I glint
Like a drop of dew
In the morning sun
And vanish.

This space
Into which I now dissolve
And disappear
Is the eternal color
Of your eyes.

Too often
You gave me keys
To a room
That has no doors.

poem of hope
The sluggish sap
Still trapped
Within the steel-blue
Veins of winter,
Now finally softens
In the tender splash
Of early light,
And our frozen hopes
Once more
Begin to flow.

Once again, a raven's dawn splits wide open on the distant horizon,
The earth sharply tilting forward, stretching thin the fabric of space;
The brain is rinsed of the night's ragged shapes and vain escapes,
As blazing pinks soak the sky and then melt into a painful tint of gold;

A thought takes hold in the changing flow of the new breaking light--
With each tomorrow curving more sharply back toward the beginning,
With time tricking the senses, folding and refolding back on itself--
The untouched wind and the waves are all that will ever really matter.

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My poems are often inspired by thoughts I have in dreams.

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