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morphic fields

Poetry of Love, Struggle and Death

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Do not dig around here again
With your dirty, broken nails
And blistered brain
Below the jaded horizon
Behind the rusted gate
Brambled with impressions

Where kings and queens eat children
Deep in Schreber's fanged forest.

There is nothing that can be saved—
But yourself from salvation.

The greatest stride is away from this icecap
Of frozen, tangled sentences
The nerve centre of untruth
Across volcanoes
And parking lots,

To the kitchen table by the window,
Reflecting some inner verdant glow.

Here and only here
Cycling behind the jaybird's blink,
Silent permutations of breath—

Sun rubbing its cocksure eye.

Coffee naked in the cup,
The tongue tickled by the toast—

Words dry and empty,
Their skins split open in your dish,
The faint scent of stale, old ideas
Spills out.

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