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Leni's Franz Kafka Page

Some interesting information about the enigmatic writer, Franz Kafka

Rupert Sheldrake Online

Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance offers a thought provoking challenge to mechanistic theories of form, instinct, and memory


A brief biography of the philosopher and writer, Miguel de Unamuno


Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal: founded by Carl Sagan and others, and committed to the critical investigation of fringe scientific claims

David J. Chalmers

David Chalmers, philosopher and cognitive scientist, asks some penetrating questions regarding the nature of consciousness

Scientific American

The latest in science and technology


Essential reference for the writer, featuring online dictionaries, thesaurus, language and grammar resources, and language translators

CAA National Home Page

Canadian Authors Association: "Writers helping writers"

The Writers' Union of Canada

National association of professional writers

The Griffin Trust

Trust established to recognize excellence in poetry

Sozra's Studio

Ethereal tone poems that combine electronic and traditional acoustic sound and take you on a unique musical journey

Robert Miles

The website of music creator, Robert Miles, who in his inventive sound journeys explores the deepest emotions of our inner voice

Bright Lights Film Journal

A nice capsule comment on Bob Dylan's "Don't Look Back"

The Van Morrison Website

All about Van Morrison and "Astral Weeks"


A compilation of musical gems including Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks"

Mark Harden's Artchive

Huge archive of the works of over 200 painters and sculptors from ancient Greece to Rembrandt to Pollock, and includes art criticism, links to virtual museums, and much more

Forum for Corel Painter

Discussion group for Corel Painter hosted by Jeremy Sutton


The surrealistic graphic creations of Guido Poggi in which he plunges into hidden realms of the mind

Jeremy Sutton's Fine Art

Great digital portrait gallery and excellent resources on painting with Corel Painter and related topics

Computer Darkroom

Ian Lyon's excellent site on digital photography, photoshop, and digital printing with Epson printers

The Digital Dog

Andrew Rodney's very informative site on photoshop, color correction, and related digital printing topics

Digital Photography Review

If you're into digital cameras this is a great site giving very detailed reviews of the latest equipment


Another great digital camera review site


Robert Skeels' collection of Corel Painter techniques, tutorials, and tips

Steve's DigiCams

Lots of useful information on scanners and printers, including Epson large format printers

Painter list

Join a Corel Painter mailing list discussion forum

Luminous Landscape

Michael Reichmann's comprehensive resource of landscape photography and digital imaging techniques

computer arts

This is the place to go for the latest in graphics arts

Sebastian Marquez

If digital painting in it's purest form is your passion and you want to get inspired, go to this site, which features the large body of work of Marquez

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