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Griffin Poetry Prize


Poets and the Art of Writing Poems

The Griffin Trust was founded in 2000 by industrialist, Scott Griffin, to recognize and promote excellence in poetry. Trustees include Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje. Each year two literary prizes for published works are awarded in this prestigious poetry contest, each worth $40,000. The two 2003 winners are Paul Muldoon for Moy sand and gravel and Margaret Avison for Concrete and Wild Carrot. The Canadian shortlist for the 2003 Griffin Poetry Prize included Dionne Brand for Thirsty, and P. K. Page for Planet Earth: Poems Selected and New. The International shortlist included Kathleen Jamie for Mr. and Mrs. Scotland are Dead: Poems 1980 - 1994, Gerald Stern for American Sonnets: Poems, and C. D. Wright for Steal Away: Selected and New Poems. You can find out more by visiting the Griffin Poetry Prize page.

Awaking of the Poet


The Enduring Spirit of the Poet

Of the various literary art forms, poetry is one of the most exacting, requiring precision in the use of language, and an acute sense of tone and rhythm. Poets explore the values and truths that make us human, and invite us to see the world in fresh, inspirational ways; they help us to question and understand who we are. A well made poem is like a many faceted gem. As you turn it over in your mind, it refracts and intensifies the nature of our world and our most intimate thoughts and feelings, giving validation to our inner selves.

A well shaped poem is a tickle in the darkness, a needle passing through the brain, a sweet and sour cocktail of truths.

The finest poetry has the power to penetrate the core of our being, awakening lost and hidden parts of ourselves. Poetry as an art form has a long and respectable history, but regrettably, in the flurry of our modern day obsession with consumerism, poetry has been pushed aside by the glitz and thunder of technology and the allure of easily digested, mass produced ideas. Even so, its spirit survives. Proof of its enduring nature can be found in the hundreds of websites devoted to the poetic art form. Thanks to the philanthropy and dedication of men like Scott Griffin, and the creative enthusiasm of individuals of all ages, poetry will continue to have an important place in our modern life.

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